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Burglars Rob High School of Computer, French Toast

Burglars tripped silent alarm Monday morning



    Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but that doesn't mean you should break into a school to get it.

    Four men have been arrested after they were caught roaming the halls of John Ferguson High School in Miami with some interesting stolen loot.

    Along with a computer and an iPod headset, the men were also carrying two trays of French toast.

    Delicious choice, but bad execution.

    Edel Garcia, 21, Jonathan Alexander Swadener, 18, and 20-year olds Steven Fabian Gonzalez and Omar Antonio Jiminez were caught early Monday morning after they tripped silent alarms at the school.

    Police believe the bandits would have stolen more if not for speedy response and the crooks' cavalier approach.

    The group is charged with burglary and they can kiss their choices to satisfy their appetites goodbye in jail.