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Intoxicated Woman Arrested For Firing Gun From Porch: Deputies

She was arrested Sunday night and since released from jail.



    Deputies said it appeared she fired her gun over several other homes in the area.

    A Florida Keys woman was arrested after deputies said she drank a few martinis and then fired a handgun from her porch.

    Beverly Richards, 58, was arrested late Sunday night and faces charges including improper exhibition of a firearm, discharging a firearm in public and use of a firearm under the influence of alcohol, according to online records. She was since released from jail.

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    Monroe Sheriff’s County deputies found Richards and her roommate at an apartment on the 6600 block of Maloney Avenue.

    Richards told the officer that she fired the gun over the water while sitting on a boat, but her roommate gave a different story.

    The woman told the deputy that Richards was actually on the porch when she fired the gun and even threatened to shoot her, according to authorities.

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    Richards said she shot the gun after having a couple of martinis because she was angry that she would not be able to see her granddaughter on Christmas, according to Monroe County Sheriff's Office deputies. Firing the gun, she said, made her feel better.

    Empty bullet casings were found on the porch. Deputies said it appeared Richards fired over several other homes in the area.

    It wasn't immediately known if she had an attorney.

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