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Loggerhead Sea Turtle Released In Islamorada After Treatment

Rocky D was rescued Jan. 10.



    The Turtle Hospital
    Rocky D, a loggerhead sea turtle, was released Saturday in Islamorada.

    A loggerhead sea turtle that was rescued after it became sick from eating snails was released at an Islamorada beach on Saturday.

    Staff and volunteers carried Rocky D to the water in a large tub for the shallow-water release.

    Rocky D was rescued on Jan. 10 by The Turtle Hospital when he was found floating on the surface of the ocean.

    X-rays revealed that the turtle was filled with small snail shells and crustaceans. A normal sea turtle diet includes crab, lobster, clam and conch. The turtle was found floating because there was gas in its intestines.

    Rocky D was treated with three types of enemas to move digestion along and also received fluids and antibiotics.

    The turtle's sex was unknown because it is difficult to determine until the turtle reaches 25 years old.

    Rocky D was the hospital's first patient.