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Maintenance Supervisor Who Shot Ducks from Roof Was Tired of Cleaning Up Their Feces: Delray Beach Police

Scott Jensen told police he shot 13 ducks, and police said they found two of them



    Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
    Scott Jensen, 48

    Delray Beach Police said they arrested a maintenance supervisor who admitted to shooting ducks from the roof of an apartment building because he was tired of cleaning up their feces.

    Scott Jensen, 48, faces two counts of cruelty to animals and one count of improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon, police said in a probable cause affidavit.

    Police said they responded to the Delray Lake Apartments at 696 Audubon Blvd. on Monday, Nov. 19 after getting a report of a person who was shooting ducks with a high-powered rifle from the roof of a building.

    Police said that on their way to the roof they entered a storage room and found a rifle, targets attached to the concrete wall, old appliances that appeared to have been used as targets, and empty cans of beer.

    On the roof an officer ordered the suspect, Jensen, to drop his black rifle with a scope, police said. Besides the .22-caliber rifle, police also seized a jacket and a backpack that contained pellets for the rifle as well as six bottles of Miller beer and two flashlights, they said.

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    In a police interview, Jensen “confessed to shooting the Muscovy ducks from the roof and showed no remorse in doing so,” saying that he was getting tired of cleaning up the duck feces from the patio areas of Delray Lakes Apartments, according to police.

    “The defendant stated he was on the roof the night before and shot three ducks and on this night, he stated he shot ten,” said the affidavit, which noted that only two dead ducks were found near the lake.

    Jensen, who appeared intoxicated, said he would continue to shoot the ducks to clear them from the property, police said.

    Two witnesses said they saw Jensen walking on the roof and shooting his weapon into an area near the lake, police said.

    Jensen was released on his own recognizance on Nov. 20, according to online Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office records. It was not immediately known whether he has an attorney.

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