Burglar Arrested After He Falls Asleep On Couch In The Middle Of Heist and is Found Next Morning By Homeowner: Police

house without permission, stealing the jewelry and falling asleep,Lady Lake police said.

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    A Hamden teen has been charged in a series of home invasions and burglaries.

    A burglar was arrested after he fell asleep in the middle of a heist, and the homeowner discovered him sleeping on the couch, police said.

    Domonique Pinkard, 21, was found early Sunday morning by the homeowner, Lady Lake Police said.

    The woman told police that her back door had been kicked in and clothing, jewelry and electronic devices were stolen.

    After police woke up Pinkard, they found the jewelry in his wallet, according to authorities.

    Pinkard told police the jewelry belonged to his girlfriend, but the homeowner identified it as her jewelry, police said. She estimated the jewelry was worth $500.

    After speaking to police, Pinkard admitted to being in the house without permission, stealing the jewelry and falling asleep, police said. But Pinkard was not alone, authorities said.

    After an investigation, police found Julian Evangelist, 20, who worked with him and was also arrested on burglary charges, authorities said.

    After locating Evangelist, police were able to find the stolen items. He confessed to having helped Pinkard, Lady Lake police said.

    Both men are being held at Lake County Jail. Pinkard is being held on a $17,500 bond and Evangelist is being held on a $17,000 bond. It wasn't immediately known if they had attorneys.

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