Man Arrested for Raping Two Homeless Women: Cops

Police say man is also a suspect in a homicide

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    Police say man is also a suspect in a homicide.

    Miami police say they’ve arrested a homeless man in connection with two rapes and perhaps responsible for more.

    They also say he is a suspect in a homicide committed in May of last year.

    According to police records, Steven Warren was arrested on New Year’s Eve and charged with two counts of sexual battery.

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    At a press conference on Monday, police said Warren, 37, raped two homeless women in the Overtown area near downtown Miami. Warren is also homeless, they said.

    Authorities said Warren attacked one woman at NE Miami Place and 17th Street on August 25. After engaging her in a conversation, he grabbed her by the neck and took her into an open field where he took off her clothes and forced her to have sex with him, police said.

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    According to police, the second rape occurred on November 23 when Warren jumped behind a woman in the rear of the Overtown Youth Center at 450 NW 14th Street and began chocking her until she passed out. When she awoke he demanded she have sex with him and fearing for her life she complied, police said.

    Police say DNA evidence linked Warren to the crimes.

    In a statement released after the press conference, police acknowledged that Warren is also a suspect in a homicide case involving a young female found strangled at N. Miami Avenue and 14th Street on May 16.

    Warren is being held at the Miami-Dade County Jail on $44,000 bond.

    It was immediately known if Warren has an attorney.