[NATL] The Inauguration of President Barack Obama


Parade and Ceremonial Swearing-in Held January 21, 2013

Miami-Dade Democratic Party Official Says He Attended President Obama's Inauguration Because He Wanted to Be Part of History

Cedric McMinn saw the entire ceremony and said it was better than four years ago.

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    President Barack Obama looked forward to the challenges that lie ahead in his second inaugural address, as bitter partisan divisions were set aside, at least for the day. Cedric McMinn, the vice chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, said the nation will overcome its obstacles. "And we need to come together, because at this point there are so many things that are dividing us, but there s so much more that can unite us," he said. Ann Marie Taffe of South Florida said being at the inauguration was very exciting. (Published Monday, Jan. 21, 2013)

    Cedric McMinn wanted to be a part of history, for a second time.

    That’s why he travelled to see President Obama’s inauguration on Monday. He had already seen the ceremony four years ago.

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    “I wanted to come here again. This is the last time President Obama will be elected and have an inaugural ceremony,” said 34-year-old McMinn, who is vice chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. “ I just wanted to be a part of the history. It’s different watching it on TV and actually being here.”

    McMinn and two friends, who left Miami on Thursday and will return on Tuesday, saw the entire ceremony. He says it was cold, and he was outside for five hours, but there was comraderie among the spectators.

    “We were talking as if we were friends,” he said. “Everyone has Obama gear on. The good thing about this is the diversity of this kind … This is what America should represent, all these diverse people here.”

    McMinn also said it was “remarkable” that Obama’s inauguration fell on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

    “What are the odds of that happening?” he said. “ It cannot be a coincidence. It was just fate.”

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    He also added that he liked the ceremony better the second time around.