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One Dead, One Injured in Barber Shop Shooting

Authorities say a man on a bike exchanged gunfire with a patron at the barber shop



    (Published Monday, Feb. 27, 2012)

    Miami police were investigating a double shooting inside the Megacutz Barber Shop, which left one man dead and another injured.

    Detectives said a man riding a motorcycle pulled up to 3485 N.W. 17 Avenue and exchanged fire with a patron of the barber shop.

    "Its like we were in the wild wild West. Truly that's what you can say happened. The guy went in there to assassinate somebody," said Michael Fernandez, the owner of a grocery store in the area.

    Police said Sunday night the man who rode in on the motorcycle died. The other was rushed to Ryder Trauma Center in serious condition.

    Fernandez says the man on the motorcycle circled the block, looking into the windows of the barbershops in the area until he stopped in front of Megacutz.

    A video surveillance clip obtained by NBC 6 shows a man walking into the barber shop. He appears to be holding something in his hand, or searching for something. At some point, a patron sitting in a barber chair on the right side of the shop points out his arm. Gunfire is exchanged. Both men collapse on the floor.

    "The guy who got shot, shot back too. After that, everybody ran. I locked the back door. My boss told me lock the back doors," said a barber who worked at a nearby shop. He did not want to be identified.

    Detective Keandra Simmons, spokeswoman for the Miami Police, says the man inside the barber shop was carrying a concealed weapons permit.

    "There was an exchange of gunfire between the two. At this time, we don't know what's the motive or if they may have known each other, or if there was something that may have led him to this barber shop, " said Simmons. "We are no longer considering this a robbery."

    But witnesses say they believe the men knew each other.

    "Unfortunately, the offender was killed as a result of the incident," Simmons said, adding that the other man is in "very serious condition."