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Owner of Stolen Dogs "Very Glad" He Saw Them in South Beach Cell Phone Video

Patrick Orlando says he's certain the dogs who two men are trying to sell in the video are his



    (Published Wednesday, July 11, 2012)

    One week after a man's dogs were stolen, he said he saw two men trying to sell them. It was all caught on video.

    The cell phone video was taken in South Beach outside the Domino's Pizza near Alton Road and 14th Court Monday afternoon.

    The person taking the video saw one of the flyers Patrick Orlando posted and thought the two dogs looked familiar, so he hit record and sent the video to Orlando.

    "I'm very glad I saw my babies, even if it's just on videotape," Orlando said. "I know they're alive. I know they're together."

    When asked, "How can you be 100 percent positive these are your dogs?" Orlando answered, "I'm 100 percent positive. We bathe them, we cut them, we sleep with them everyday. Bianco has been in our house for seven years every single day. Misha has been in the house for five years every single day. If you saw your child on TV, you know it's your child. They might have the same haircut as someone else, but you know who your child is. I know who my dogs are."

    What Orlando doesn't know is who the two men are in the video and how they got the dogs he claims are his, but the person who took the video asked a few questions and told Orlando what they said.

    "The people in the video claim that they bought the dogs in Coral Gables and that they are one and three years old," Orlando told NBC 6. He said his dogs are seven and five.

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    Last Monday, Orlando stopped at the Publix in Brickell with his wife and daughter. It was a short afternoon trip so he left Bianco and Misha in their locked car parked on the second floor of the parking garage.

    But 10 minutes later, his car window was shattered and his best friends were missing, Orlando said.

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    Since then, he's printed 16,000 flyers and hasn't been back to work – devoting all of his time to getting his two Maltese dogs back.

    "Our family is completely destroyed and we need the dogs back," he said.

    If you know anything about the dogs being stolen or where they may be, call Orlando at 305-432-2218.

    Because there is a $6,000 reward, he said he has gotten a lot of false leads, but is hopeful someone will come forward and do the right thing. He hopes it happens very soon because both of the dogs have diabetes and need their medication.

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