University of South Florida Student Completes Walk Across the Country

A USF student completed a walk from Tallahassee to Laguna Beach, Calif. in a little over 11 weeks.

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    A University of South Florida student has completed a walk across the country.

    The Tampa Tribune reports 22-year-old Harrison Milanian walked from Tallahassee to Laguna Beach, Calif., in a little over 11 weeks.

    Milanian got the idea after he started going on 20-mile walks with his golden retriever.

    He then began training to walk across the country, even though friends and family urged him not to. It became a personal challenge and also part of a larger mission to raise awareness about fitness.

    Milanian began walking on May 7 with a sign on his back that read: "America on Foot."

    He took no cash or computer and pushed a gutted baby stroller with snacks, a tent, clothes and 50 pounds of water.

    He arrived at Laguna Beach July 28.

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