Western High School Students Honored for Helping Crash Victims

The 20 students were recognized by the Rotary Club of Weston at their annual scholarship awards breakfast.

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    A group of 20 students headed to prom – along with their limousine driver – helped rescue five adults and two children, who were trapped in a van after they crashed on Interstate 595 Saturday. Students Frank Tucker and Peter Kim described what happened.

    Twenty Western High School students _ who had been en route to their prom but stopped to help seven people involved in a rollover crash in Davie _  were honored on Thursday.

    The students were recognized by the Rotary Club of Weston at their annual scholarship awards breakfast.

    “They were dressed in tuxedos, they were dressed in their prom dresses they were getting ready to go to probably what was the most important night of their lives,” Bob Harms of the Weston Rotary Club.

    VIDEO: Students Headed to Prom Help Crash Victims

    Their stretch limo came to a screeching halt after coming dangerously close to being involved in the accident but with some quick thinking by a group of friends, and Peter Kim who plans on being a doctor someday, they ran out to their rescue.

    “I was just focused on getting them out basically like I didn’t notice anything that was going on around me,” Kim said.

    One by one each student received a plaque from the Rotary Club to honor them for their courage and service above self.

    "The award for the service is just incredible and it makes me realize that we did do something good and there are very special people at western high school and they truly are heroes," said Ashley Wolf, one of the students.

    Just like Kim, she also plans on being a doctor someday and along with receiving an award for her bravery in a time of crisis, she also received a full scholarship from the club to pursue her dreams in medicine at FSU with her classmate Kim.

    “Im grateful that we got recognized because a lot of people don’t get recognized for doing good things, so I'm just grateful,” Kim said.

    Although their gowns and tuxedos came out a bit bloody, they still went to prom and had a good time. As for the family in the rolled over van, they are all doing fine and are eager to meet their prom night heroes.