Woman Attacks Boyfriend for Not Having Sex With Her: Cops

Woman said she hit her boyfriend in self-defense

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    Stacey Ann Ortiz was arrested last Thursday for allegedly punching her boyfriend when he refused to have sex with her, Port St. Lucie police said. She was later released on her on recognizance, officials with the Port St. Lucie Jail said.

    A woman was arrested last Wednesday for allegedly attacking her boyfriend after he refused to have sex with her, Port St. Lucie Police said.

    Stacey Ann Ortiz, 34, allegedly chased her boyfriend down the street in his underwear and left several scratch marks and cuts on his chest, authorities said.

    However, when reached by phone Thursday, Ortiz told NBC Miami she attacked her boyfriend in self-defense.

    “He hit me and I chased him out of my house,” she said. “Everybody thinks that this is a funny story and it’s not. It’s not something that should be made fun of.”

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    According to the police report, Ortiz began attacking her boyfriend when he insisted on watching TV rather than having sex.

    “That’s not the case,” Ortiz said, calling the incident an issue of domestic violence. “We were in a relationship, we got into an argument and it became a physical altercation.”

    Ortiz told authorities her boyfriend headbutted her and that she left marks on his body when she was defending herself and pushing him off of her, according to the report.

    Ortiz also told police she shattered the window of her boyfriend’s truck with a mop handle, according to the incident report.

    Neither Ortiz nor her boyfriend required medical assistance.

    Ortiz was released from the St. Lucie County Jail last Thursday on her own recognizance. She is due to be arraigned May 8 on a charge of battery, according to St. Lucie County court records.

    “I’m broken,” she said. “This is a really big ordeal.”

    A similar incident happened earlier this month when a Coral Springs woman allegedly punched her boyfriend after he wouldn't sleep with her.