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Cristy Rice Launches Debut Swimwear Collection



    Former "Real Housewives of Miami" star Cristy Rice decided to combine her love of design with her passion for fashion and created her first swimwear and accessories collection called Cuban Rice.

    Latin Beat caught up with Rice, who talked about the inspiration behind the collection and what kind of woman should rock her suits.

    Congratulations on your new swimwear line. What was your inspiration during the design process?

    "When I decided to design this swimwear collection my mind kept drifting to the beach. Growing up in Miami with Cuban parents, I was not only exposed to the beautiful waters here, but I got to hear a lot about the beaches in Havana and Varadero. Those stories made me think of vibrant colors and how fun it would be to mix patterns for my first collection dubbed, Cubanita.

    It's currently available for purchase online via

    You picked colors that work universally on women of all skin tones. Why was this important to you?

    “One of the main things I wanted to achieve when choosing colors was that they would work on all skin tones. My daughter Brianna, who is the face of the line, has a darker skin tone than I do and is 5'7"-- the total opposite of me. So it was also important for me to create different styles within the line allowing both mothers and daughters to find something fun and flirty to wear. I did a little bit of everything so that customers can choose how much coverage they want from their swimsuit.”

    “When I go to the beach with my kids, I always wear something more conservative. But when I’m going out with my friends or heading to a pool party in Vegas I like to wear something sexier. Cubanita is for a woman who believes in herself. I believe that attitude is everything. "

    Each bikini has its own special name that helps differentiate one style from another. How was each name selected?

    “I thought it would be fun to give each style its own name based on its personality. For example, the "Rumbera" has ruffles and lots of colors, the "Two-Faced" is a reversible suit that you can wear either side, and the "Loca" has a big flower on the front with crazy patterns.

    Each swimsuit also features a handmade decorative detail created by artisan women from Colombia like braids or beads.”