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Stylist Rodner Figueroa Talks Summer Fashion Trends



    Even though the skies have been cloudy recently, preparation for the summer months must go on. Target Style Expert Rodner Figueroa spoke to Latin Beat about the hottest trends for the season and how to wear them based on your body type.

    What are some of the hottest trends for women this summer?
    “This is going to be a fun summer with so many great trends available for everyone. At the top of your list should be colors. The top three colors women need to have in their wardrobe this season are blue, emerald green, and yellow. I’ve been seeing yellow everywhere. And with so many shades available, women of all skin tones can find something that will work for them.

    Another hot trend I’m seeing all over is graphic designs. I’ve spotted them on apparel, shoes and even on handbags.One of the most popular versions of this trend is the flower pattern on pants. Jessica Alba, Victoria Justice, and Minka Kelly have all been spotted wearing this look.”

    Patterns and colors could work against someone with a curvier figure. What guidelines can help?

    “Some prints can definitely make women look bigger so you have to know how to incorporate the trend according to your body type. To slim you down in the hip area, buy a pair of pants or shorts in any single color. So whether you buy black, yellow, or green, just make sure it’s solid. By doing this, it will allow you the freedom to play around with the rest of your look. You can add a shirt with a graphic design to balance with the solid color bottoms to bringing the attention to your upper body.

    Feel free to get creative when putting your outfits together. Accessories can also be an excellent way to play with trends like floral patterns or graphic designs.The important thing is feeling good about yourself and feeling confident in your clothing.”

    You have worked with a lot of big Hollywood talent. How can women get tips from you on what to wear?

    “As part of my collaboration with Target, I have a pinboard setup on their Pinterest page where I post my favorite looks.Women can use that as inspiration when putting together outfits, adding pieces to their existing collection, or they can purchase the whole look just as I designed it. Consider me your digital stylist!”

    What are some hot trends for men?
    “Color is also a big trend for men this season. Many guys will have to just get used to the idea that pastels are really in and they need to try it. I don’t want them to be afraid of fashion. More and more I see that men are being bold and are playing around with different trends and are wanting to be fashionable. Play around with fabrics and colors. You will look trendy and you will be eye candy for women! Women love men who are stylish.”

    Target is known for their capsule collections. Are there any plans for a Rodner Figueroa collection?

    That’s up to Target but I definitely would love to do something like that. Everything in due time. We’ve had a great partnership so far and I hope it’s something that works out naturally.

    Fashion is the way that we communicate without words. I would love to inspire, not just Latinos, but people in general to look more stylish. Though I do feel a certain responsibility to making sure that as Hispanics, the largest minority in the country, we are well represented in the fashion arena.