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NiteTalk: Brand Builder Kaye Nagle-Wood Throws a Vodka Taste Testing



    Vodka wasn't the only reason people turned out to Grand Central last night during Smirnoff's "People's Challenge" blind taste test. There was also the spinning of such DJs as Irie, Classixx and Treasure Fingers. H-Squared Concepts' Kaye Nagle-Wood put together the packed party so Niteside decided to see her for the lowdown.

    What is the "People's Challenge" all about? The "People's Challenge" is all about leaving your labels at home and seeing what you chose when you're not being told what your taste is. In a 2005 Taste Test, the experts chose Smirnoff over the so-called premium vodkas hands down. And that's great. But at the end of the day it's the people who are out having a good time and drinking vodka whose opinions matter the most.

    The line-up of performers was amazing -- in fact I kinda lost track. Who all was here tonight? We had DJ Irie, Mayday, another Miami favorite, DJ Cheap Shot, from Los Angeles, Classixx, who are also from L.A. and Treasure Fingers, who's from Brooklyn.

    Who put together the acts?
    Our company, H-Squared Concepts, put together all the entertainment -- from the DJs to the interactive photo booth where people had a choice of being photographed in a Times Square subway station or in Russia during the middle of winter.

    So you did a lot more than simply booking of DJs
    ? We did. I've known the owners of Grand Central for a long time, and as soon as we had a chance to do an event of this magnitude here, we jumped at the chance.

    Is this your company's first time working with Smirnoff?
    No, it isn't actually. We did something during Super Bowl too. But this is by far the largest.