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How "Shrek's" Puss in Boots Got So Fat: The Inside Story



    Puss in Boots used to be a total swashbuckling stud in the past "Shrek" movies, but he's a washed up fatcat in the alternate reality that is "Shrek Forever After."

    How did this happen to Puss, the great character voice by Antonio Banderas?

    A lot this has to do with his pampered lifestyle, but there's a complete sidestory about about how the warrior cat went into early retirement which had to be cut from the film, director Mike Mitchell tells us.

    "There is a backstory to how he went from ogre assassin to chubby puss," Mitchell tells PopcornBiz.

    In the cut explanatory scene, Puss was hired to kill the early Fiona (Cameron Diaz) -- when she is still afflicted by her ogre curse -- and is tracking her for the kill. During the tracking he discovers her secret, that she is a beautiful princess during the day and an ogre at night. It touches his passionate Spanish heart.

    "He is so moved by the passion of this cursed princess that he takes off his sword and his belt and joins her cause," says Mitchell, holding his heart. "But not as a warrior, but as a friend, which she needs the most."

    While the scene was hilarious, it was too long and interrupted the regular story. "It was like 'Schindler's List' it was so dramatic," says Mitchell, "and so long."

    The scene had to be cut, but Puss's heavy retirement is quite apparent by his considerable girth seen throughout the film.

    "We wanted to turn everything on its head," says Mitchell of the alternative reality Shrek finds himself in. "Puss in Boots is a swashbuckling ladies' man. So what's the opposite of that? Someone who lives in the lap of luxury."

    That said, Puss hasn't lost the charm.

    "Even as a fatcat he still manages to be sexy," co-star and Shrek voice Mike Myers says.