Thousands Celebrate Caribbean Culture on Last Day of Miami Broward Carnival

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Thousands of masqueraders and revelers made their way to the Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds for the last of three days of the Miami Broward Carnival Sunday covered in beads, rhinestones and feathers to celebrate Caribbean culture. 

Over 15 different masquerade groups participated for this year’s carnival.

“Everyone is representing their culture and again that's what Miami Carnival weekend is about. It’s about  bringing the islands again, it’s about representing where we're from, our uniqueness,” Asa Sealy, a board member of Carnival said.

The pandemic canceled last year’s and other carnival celebrations around the world. 

“Before Carnival we were supposed to go Trinidad for Carnival and we didn't go and we regretted it, so now we are here up to play something,” an attendee at Carnival said.

The gates opened at 12 p.m. but before anyone could walk through they had temperatures checked, according to carnival officials. 

“Our motto this year is, you know, no mask ‘no más,’ Joan Justin, chairperson of Carnival said. “Meaning that if you don't have a mask you can't come in. We have 30 tents out here. We have NOMI Health doing the tests for us in some of the tents. People are coming in the PCR were given that the bracelets to make sure they’re cleared for the CDC.”

Along with the costume parade there was food and a free concert for all to enjoy and officials say more people came to this Carnival than any other year before.

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