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Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson's New Treat: Dog Biscuits 



    Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson's New Treat: Dog Biscuits 

    "Marley & Me" stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson learned a little more about a dog's life on Saturday.

    Appearing on the German show, "Wetten, dass …?," the pair chomped on dog biscuits after losing a bet on the live broadcast.

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    The show asks celebrity guests to bet on where another guest can perform a talent; in this case, Jennifer bet that a woman could identify her dogs by the sound of them lapping up soup – and won. But Owen, who lost the bet, roped her into eating a dog biscuit with him as punishment anyway.

    "Honey, we're in this together," he said, according to People.

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    "I'll eat one, I'm the host. And Owen, you have to eat one," host Thomas Gottschalk said before urging Jen to take a bite. "Jennifer, you can eat it if you want, but I'd really like to be able to tell my grandkids that I ate dog biscuits with Jennifer Aniston."

    As it turned out, chowing down on doggie treats wasn't so bad.

    "They're a little dry," Jen admitted. "I guess all German dogs love me now."

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