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"Jersey Shore" Stars All Full-Fledged Italian? Fuggedaboutit!



    "Jersey Shore" Stars All Full-Fledged Italian? Fuggedaboutit!
    Hoping to see the cast of Jersey Shore in the front row? Think again. Every member is reportedly on the "uninvited" list.

    The cast of "Jersey Shore" might be proud self-described guidos and guidettes – but not all of them are full Italian – and Jenni "J-WOWW" Farley isn't even Italian at all!

    "I'm not even Italian!" the MTV star told Fox News' "The Strategy Room" on Tuesday.

    J-WOWW, who said she is a mixture of Spanish and Irish decent, said fellow stars Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Ronnie Magro are not full-blooded Italian either.

    "Nicole isn't and Ron's not full Italian either," she continued in the interview. "[Snooki] is Chilean… Ronnie is half Spanish and half Italian.

    In an interview with OK! Magazine in December, Snooki referred to herself as "half Spanish" and said she was adopted.

    According to J-WOWW, living the guido/guidette life isn't dependent on your heritage.

    "It's a lifestyle and the scene that we're in…it's not like Italian," she said.

    Regardless of their less-than-full Italian heritage, the cast will be back in action this summer on MTV for a second season of their hit show.

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