Your Perfect Haitian Honeymoon - NBC 6 South Florida

Haiti is the Caribbean’s last hidden gem, boasting all the island perks—sun, sand, surf—and more. Add everything from robust culture, delicious cuisine, and a storied history (that’s still on display), and Haiti is the magical island that beckons you and your loved one.

This is the place for couples looking to broaden their cultural horizons and take the road less traveled. You’ll experience the UNESCO-protected Citadelle du Roi Henry Christophe, the largest fortress of the western hemisphere; unspoiled natural landscapes brimming with biodiversity, including coral reefs, caves, mountains and hundreds upon hundreds of miles of pristine beaches; and of course renowned gastronomy, unquestionably one of Haiti’s most appealing attractions.

In 2017 the Global Peace Index names Haïti as one of the safest places in the Caribbean and Central America. Come see what all the magic is about.

A history lesson without the books

Arguably the most iconic site in Haiti, the Citadelle Laferrière, more simply known as the Citadel, is an incredible fortress located atop mountain Bonnet a L’Eveque. Built in the early 19th century as a defense against potential French invasion, this magnificent fortress is a symbol for liberation in Haiti, which is the first and only country where slave revolts led to independence. Another visible impact of French colonization is just three miles north—the Sans Souci, an enchanting Versailles-style palace built for the Haitian King Henri Christophe in the 1800s. At these sites, take in the weight of the country’s history, along with fantastic views of the scenic mountains and the city of Cap-Haïtien.

Au Naturel

Located near the city of Jacmel, Bassin Bleu is a national treasure in Haiti. The trio of cobalt blue swimming holes—Bassin Clair, Bassin Bleu and Bassin Palmiste—are linked by cascading waterfalls, making up a natural work-of-art you won’t find anywhere else. Find a cozy grotto in one of the pools (Bassin Clair is said to be the best), and enjoy this surreal gem with your significant other. Come back from this magical experience humbled and refreshed. You’ll feel like you’re the only two people in the world… except for the mermaids that live here, according to Haitian legend.

An artist’s paradise

Art aficionados will appreciate the unique cultural and historical perspectives of Haitian art. While there are plenty of art galleries, including the Expressions Art Gallery and Galerie Monnin, there are also some more authentic options to see creativity at work. Check out the street art in the bustling markets and streets of Port-au-Prince, the artisan village of Croix des Bouqets, or the vodou cyberpunk art at Grand Rue, right near Port-au-Prince. And for a truly eerie experience, stop by Atis Rezistans, a contemporary sculpture museum with recycled, junkyard-vibes. Materials include wood, metals, and human bones…This isn’t your average honeymoon.

Beaches, beaches, and more beaches

We’d be remiss if we talked about Haiti without mentioning the beaches, which are some of the finest in the Caribbean. For a quiet, peaceful experience, go to Chouchou Bay Beach; it’s surrounded by green mountains and beautiful coral formations, making it ideal for diving and snorkeling. For a livelier beach experience, check out the vibrant Jacmel beach, with its beautiful waters and many shops and restaurants. Whether you want to spend the day in the water or lounging away on shore, the golden sand and gorgeous waves of Haiti are always here to welcome you. From Port Salut and Grann Do in the Southeast to Labadee in the north, all corners this country can offer you the romantic beach honeymoon you’ve always dreamed of.

Slice of life

One thing’s for sure, you and your significant other won’t go hungry on this side of Hispaniola. Find cuisine that seamlessly blends West African and French traditions with the zesty flavors of the Caribbean. Meat-lovers have to try ‘griyo’ (fried pork) and ‘tassot’ (deep fried meat, often goat or beef), which are often accompanied by the popular ‘pikliz’, a spicy, pickled-vegetable side dish in a vinegar sauce. And of course, Haiti offers various seafoods for you to indulge in, from fish to lobster, but perhaps the most unique one you’ll find is ‘lambi,’ or conch. Have it grilled or served in a creole sauce. With plenty of local eats to try, Haiti is a foodie’s utopia.