At The Shepard Fairey And Hennessy Collab Celebration

Inside the celebration of the new Hennessy V.S. Limited Edition bottle designed by Shepard Fairey at Wynwood Kitchen and Walls with the artist. Photos by Jipsy

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Inside the celebration of the new Hennessy V.S. Limited Edition bottle designed by Shepard Fairey at Wynwood Kitchen and Walls with the artist. Photos by Jipsy
"I submitted a couple of different variations. Hennessy liked this one, which was my favorite as well, so it was as easy as it could possibly be." say Shepard Fairey about his design. Photos by Jipsy
The menu during the luncheon with Shepard Fairey at Wynwood Kitchen had some of the best dishes on menu. Photos by Jipsy
From his game-changing “Obey” stickers to his iconic Barack Obama “Hope” posters, Shepard Fairey has reshaped the way we appreciate contemporary art. Photos by Jipsy
"Some people have said to me Hennessy is a luxury brand and you consider yourself a populist, how do those work together?' Well, a bottle of Hennessy is incredibly affordable and very populist to fine art." Shepard happy to spread his art through the limited edition bottles while remaining true to his values. Photos by Jipsy
One of the dishes served during exclusive Hennessy luncheon with contemporary artist Shepard Fairey. Photos by Jipsy
Shepard is happy about reaching everyone. "This is another way that I can reach people and whether it's a 10 story mural or a small sticker or this label, these are all ways for me to share my art." Photos by Jipsy
"The first time I came here (Wynwood) to put up posters was 2004 and it was a couple of shady characters, some tumbleweeds and warehouses, and believe me I love that environment... to see what's happened with the art scene in Miami, I think it's incredible." Shepard out in the Wynwood Walls park. Photos by Jipsy
Creating the design for Hennessy V.S. "I was able to go through the archives of (Hennessy) graphic imagery and gold, cream, red, black, these were colors that have been used within the Hennessy brand." Photos by Jipsy
continuing..."it's interesting to see that during different eras... the imagery would take on a little bit of the character of that decade but it always retained a decorative elegance. So it was more that the continuity of that general approach solidified my approach rather than one specific thing." Photos by Jipsy
In the evening and after a book signing, the celebration commenced with Hennessy V.S. flowing at the Wynwood Walls. Photos by Jipsy
Shepard Fairey took to the decks during the event and played a set of classics in hip hop and rock. Photos by Jipsy
During the event, Shepard Fairey met and talked art with local artist David Anasagasti. Photos by Jipsy
M2G are are Timothee Lovelock and Zack Sharp know as 2 DJs and 1 Violin who perform creatively a mix of dance music and and instruments. Photos by Jipsy
Timothee Lovelock playing the violin as they took over the DJ booth after after Shepard's set. Photos by Jipsy
This collaboration labeled and designed by Fairey is a limited edition run of 315,000 bottles of Hennessy V.S. For more information on where to get your bottle, visit and order yours online or purchase it at selected liquor stores near you. Photos by Jipsy
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