NiteTalk: Feeling the Rush with Real Housewives’ Adriana de Moura

Adriana De Moura R

Her lifestyle may seem like a dreamy, steamy 21st-century fairy tale, but her life is all too real. (Or at least as real as the lives of The Real Housewives of Miami can get anyway.) It’s got glamour, it’s got art, it’s got drama, and it’s got an ever-growing TV audience clamoring for more, more, more. She is Adriana de Moura, and with her song serving as the theme of season two and bringing her onto nightclub stages, that too-real life is now about to enter another dimension. “Feel the Rush” this Wednesday night at Mansion.

What things give Adriana de Moura the kinda rush worth singin’ about? Music has always been part of my life. My mother enrolled me at the piano conservatory at the tender age of seven and I have always enjoyed music ever since. I've also always enjoyed singing and used to do it frequently at a Fisher Island piano bar called The Garwood Lounge, along with pianist John Cole.

Is all that what drove you to the song in the first place? Actually the opportunity arose when double-Grammy Brazilian music producer Silvio Riccheto approached me and asked if I could record a song with him. He has worked with major Brazilian singers XXXX.

Did the song come about before or/after the opportunity to use it as the theme for season two? We worked on the song for about eight months before the filming of season two. I co-wrote the lyrics while we recorded it and later sent the song to Bravo with the hopes that it would get picked up for the main theme of The Housewives.

It’s a pretty keen way to put yourself front and center, don’tcha think? Amongst the many other songs that were submitted to Bravo, I was thrilled when I received the news that they chose mine!

Who will they be on hand with you at Mansion? At Mansion I will have rapper Brian G (who has rapped for Britney Spears) with me on stage and another six dancers. I will also introduce George Padai’s remix of my song right after my live performance. It will be a big show and the people in attendance will for sure feel the Miami rush!!

You being an art dealer and this being the eve of Art Basel, can you please tell us your plans for Art Week before we go-go? For Art Basel I have a plethora of art shows and events to attend, including a vernissage for a new artist I'm representing named Dakota on the 6th. It is actually quite a “mission impossible” to do everything that I’ve got to do, but I've been known as an overachiever! :)

Adriana de Moura performs Wednesday, Nov. 28 at Mansion. For more information log on here.

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