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Local Spas Advertise 'Happy Endings' Online

The owner of a spa in Davie told an undercover staffer, "Everybody leaves happy."



    Site Offers 'Happy Endings' at Local Spas

    The NBC 6 Investigators went undercover at spas in South Florida to find out if they offer more than just a massage.

    (Published Thursday, May 23, 2019)

    While New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft fights charges that he solicited prostitutes at a Jupiter day spa, a line in his arrest report sparked the attention of the NBC 6 Investigators. In it, police said they found posts about the spa's services on a public website called RubMaps.com.

    The site advertises itself as the "#1 massage parlor locator" offering "erotic massage parlor reviews & happy endings."

    When we searched the site, we found more than 500 places listed in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, including "Bella Spa for Men" - which is located just steps away from a daycare in Davie.

    A Google search of the spa brought up ads with photos of scantily clad women and ads offering "happy endings."

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    The daycare owner told us that he has never seen anything "strange" in the spa but said "my teachers, they never liked that business."

    State business records show the spa is owned by Karina Bickers, who was arrested twice during prostitution stings at area massage parlors.

    Court records show the first prostitution charge was dropped. The second time she reached a deal that included paying court costs and getting tested for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

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    NBC 6 Investigators sent three male staff members undercover to Bella Spa on different days to see what services were really being offered.

    They say Bickers greeted them and offered body rubs for $100 dollars and up.

    One NBC 6 staffer says he asked Bickers explicitly if the services include sex.

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    "She goes, 'Well, you could be soliciting, and we don't solicit. I don't know if you could be a cop,'" he said. "I said, 'No, no, no, I just wanted to know what your ad meant by that,' and she said, 'Well, it's what you want, and everybody leaves here happy.'"

    Another staffer got a similar response when he asked the owner about the "happy endings" that are advertised online.

    "She said, 'Everybody leaves happy. No one complains when they leave. Everyone comes in looking for a good time and what they offer is a good time,'" he recalled.

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    Bickers declined to talk about what we found on camera but told us that her business only offers waxing services.

    NBC 6 also visited "Bonita Spa" in Hollywood - located less than a mile away from Bella Spa.

    The spa's website displays photos of nearly naked women, some rubbing their bodies against unclothed and unidentifiable men.

    It also advertises something called the "Brazilian moon shower."

    "She said a regular body rub is $140 and the shower thing is $200 dollars," said one of the NBC 6 staffers who visited the location.

    "I said 'Does that come with sex, a happy ending? 'and she shook her head yes," he added.

    Another staffer also asked a spa employee about the happy endings.

    "She said, 'Well, that's something that we don't talk about up here, we talk about that in the back, but yes,'" he said.

    NBC 6 Investigators contacted the Bella Spa's owner and visited the spa in person but didn't get a response.

    RubMaps didn't respond to NBC 6's repeated requests for comment but on their site, they say they are "wholly committed to raising awareness of the human trafficking issue" and that "in the event, we become aware of any incident of trafficking, we take swift internal action and cooperate…with state and federal law enforcement officials."

    When asked about RubMaps and Bella Spa, Davie police told us that they don't discuss their procedures.

    In an email, Hollywood police told us they are aware of the website and of Bonita Spa and that arrests have been made there in previous years.

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