10/12: Blame It on Rioja

A wine dinner and two competions involving cartoons and cocktails

SPANISH FLY: Hey, Sra Martinez, you just got a best new resto nod from Esquire mag. What are you going to do? Or, more importantly, what are we going to do? Let's hope it's RSVP for tonight's Grupo La Rioja Alta wine dinner. The winery's selections will be paired with a 4-course Spanish tapas menu. $75, RSVP at 305-574-5474. 7 P.M.

SHAKE IT: The last competition you entered was a spelling bee in 5th grade. Which is why you will always remember there is only one "n" in zucchini. And never eat it again. But you're always up for a cocktail, so head to the Mondrian's Sunset Lounge, where the USBG (United States Bartenders Guild) will compete for a trip to Sweden by shaking and stirring their best Cape North vodka concoction. RSVP at sunsetlounge.rsvp@morganshotelgroup.com. 7 P.M.-midnight.

TOON IN: And while we're in a competitive mood, over at the News Lounge is the premiere of Drinking and Drawing, during which local animators will create "a spectacular animation under the restraint of time and inebriated incoherence. Cartoons and booze - ah, brings us back to our college days. 8 P.M.-3 A.M.


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