12/21: Monday’s Staying in B.E.D.

The cool crowd, the Italian crowd, and the thirty-somethings

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B.E.D. Miami

THE COOL CROWD: We know that getting out of bed on Mondays seems like an impossible task. Hey, we're not pushing you to, and neither is B.E.D. Who knows, all-that-in-a-bag-of-chips basketball star Dwyane Wade may be snuggling on the next mattress over. That was all the convincing we needed. B.E.D. Miami, 10 P.M.

ITALY VIA ESPANOLA: All that's needed for a successful night is food, music, dancing, and drinks. It's even better if it's all in one place. Tonight, Espanola Way has it all. Gorge yourself on Italian favorites, listen to some hot tracks, and drink and/or dance the night away. You've been such a good employee, a Tuesday off wouldn't be the end of the world. Segafredo Espanola Way, 9 P.M.

THE BIG 3-1: Most of us dread the idea of turning 31, but not Morton's. They're embracing their wisdom and doing what they do best: burgers. Instead of rolling out the traditional birthday cake, they're bringing out mini-versions of the burger that made them famous, for free at all locations (at least from 5 to 6 p.m.). Happy Birthday Morton, we definitely wish for many more. Morton's Steakhouse

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