2/1: Locals Only

We found 305ers' newest watering hole

SETTING THE BAR: Every Miami local has a favorite place to end a hard work day with a hard drink. But with the Pro Bowl in town yesterday and the Super Bowl next week, there's a good chance your bar has been taken over by tourists. Well, we have a place that you can escape the snow birds and drink on the cheap. The very originally named Bar on NE 14th Street, the old home of PS 14 and Max Fish, is now giving locals just what they want: Locals Only Mondays. So for all you Miami-Daders, there will be no cover, cheap drinks, free barbecue and designs by Alavaro Ilizarbe. The bar will more than likely be filled with hipsters, but that's better than fanny pack-wearing tourists, right? 9 PM.

PLAY WITH WADE: The Super Bowl is upon us. Every day we hear about different parties for this upcoming week, but let's be honest: there's really only one man who can host the launch party for one of the biggest weeks Miami will see all year, and that man is Dwyane Wade. MV3 will be hosting the Welcome To Miami Super Bowl Week Kick-off Party tonight at Club Play on South Beach with music by DJ Clue. The club is hot, the music is hotter and we all know the people inside will be looking hot as ever. If you don't have any connections at Play, don't worry -- it will only cost you $20. To party with a basketball legend, that's a steal!  10 PM.

SERVING SERVERS: Are you a hard working bartender, cocktail server, bar back, hostess or bouncer? If so, everyone who parties in Miami thanks you for all the good work. 1020 Music Boxx at The Clevlander wants to thank you, too, by having a big party in all your honor complete with a Sexiest Staff On The Beach Contest. Enter at musicboxx@clevlander.com, come tonight with a valid pay stub, and all you have to do is compete in looks, crowd interaction and talent (whatever that may be). The female winner gets $700 and there's $300 for the gentlemen winner. Think you're sexy enough? Call all your loud friends and make them cheer you on! If nothing else, this exclusive industry-only event will put you in a room with people that feel your pain about obnoxious drunk customers. 11 PM. 

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