4/27: Tuesdays Are From Mars

A band, some bling and a first-class bruhaha

CROSSING JORDAN: Oh to be Angela Martin circa 1995. Nothing epitomizes hot, brooding crush better than Jordan Catalano. Oh, the sexy sadness of those Kurt Cobain flannel shirts. Now the subject of all our school girl fantasies is grown up, and he's all about his band 30 Second to Mars. We'll be in the front row. 7 P.M.

SHOW US YOUR JEWELS: WHAT: There are few things in life you love more than your dog, your mom, and big, sparkly bling. So tonight head to Club 50 at the Viceroy, where jewelry brands Francisca Bastos Design and D. Stern Jewelers will be selling sweet accessories, a portion of the proceeds from which will go to the Humane Society of Greater Miami Adopt-A-Pet. So stop by and pick something up for mom, and, while you're there, for you, too. 5-7:30 P.M. RSVP is a must to 305-777-2340 x1042 or rsvp@getinkpr.com. 

SLUMMING IT: We're not sure what we'd wear to a party with a name that translates to "Slum Chic." Really dirty Joe's Jeans? No matter, Favela Chic has been rocking Tuesday nights for years, so they must be doing something right. Don't take our word for it, though, throw on that D&G jacket with the hole in it and see for yourself. Coco de Ville, Gansevoort hotel.


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