9/17: How “U” Doin'?

Smells like team spirit tonight

C-A-N-E-S CANES!: Did that 38-34 win over the 'Noles pump you up for the next game? Be sure not to miss the 20th-ranked team in their home opener against Georgia Tech, the 14th-ranked team, at Landshark Stadium. Start practicing your team cheers and referee jeers now, because it's going to keep you on your toes with excitement. 7:30 P.M.

LONG WINDED: The winds will definitely be blowing tonight. The wind and brass sections of the New World Symphony, that is. Per Brevig, former principle trombone of the Metropolitan Opera, plays conductor to NWS at the Lincoln Theatre. The music is a celebration of love and life, including Sheng's "Tibetan Love Song" and Strauss' Sonatina No.1, "From the Workshop of an Invalid." The best part: it's free. But you do need a ticket, so visit the website to reserve yours. 7:30 P.M.

SWIMMING FOR THE GOLD: Believe it or not, the world of synchronized swimming is just as competitive and intense as any other sport. The Wolfsonian's screening of "Synchronized Swimming: The Pursuit of Excellence" will show you just that. It's a story of two teams of ambitious, athletic girls (and one very determined teenage boy) and their intense training and team bonding until they meet in a spectacular display of churning water and synchronous limbs. What'll happen to these fiercely competitive future olympians? You'll just have to go to the Wolfsonian and find out. 7 P.M.

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