6/1: A Little Sizzle With Your Steak

STK puts on a well-done party, Vinyl & Kai does karaoke right and Automatic Slims brings on the fun

GOT STEAK? It happens every Tuesday night: the sexiest steak you can find is served up at the sexiest steakhouse -- STK. Drink specials are part of the perks at this weekly dinner party. Besides, what other steak dinner has an after party at Coco de Ville?

SING OR SWIM: Warm up your pipes, it's time to belt out a tune! It happens every Tuesday night at Vinyl & Kai. Make a list of your favorite songs and share it with the world -- or just the bar during karaoke between 10 P.M. and 2 A.M. Ladies, lucky you: Free premium drinks between 9 P.M. and midnight.

IT'S AUTOMATIC: If you're looking for great music, with cool people and drink specials - but are avoiding the long line behind the velvet rope: Automatic Slims. It's a cool bar that a great hang out on any night, but on Tuesdays this intimate rendezvous point offers $1 beers, $3 shots and $15 Phukit buckets. DJ Airtime keeps you dancing with the oldies, goldies and today's hits.

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