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You may have heard that Bourbon Steak introduced a new burgers menu for their bar and lounge area. Had a chance to check out the goods last night and walked away with a belly full of burgers and milkshakes (just like in high school, only this time the milkshakes were spiked with Jim Beam). There are five proteins to choose from - all-beef (mixed with Kobe), turkey, lamb, salmon steak and falafel. Then you get to choose 6 toppings from a long list that includes gourmet items like Maytag blue cheese, feta, oven-dried tomatoes, watercress, arugula, and butter lettuce and globally-inspired sauces like yogurt raita and harissa aioli.
We tried the all-beef (above) with roasted peppers, arugula, special sauce and balsamic onions. The beef was flavorful and cooked perfectly; the toppings were fresh and added nice texture without overpowering the burger and turning it into a sloppy mess. We also tried the lamb burger undressed, or "no carb" (you skip the bun and get the 6 toppings as a side salad) and were blown away by its wonderful flavor. I later got the kitchen to divulge that they add a pinch of garam masala to the lamb mixture which gives it a fragrant kick.

And we also tried the falafel burger (above) touted as Michael Mina's mother's recipe on the menu.

It was actually really good, falling into the "green" school of falafel, meaning the batter employs generous amounts of green herbs like parsley - my favorite kind. It's also a great option for vegetarians and came topped with a nutty tahini dressing and tomato.
Oh, and the milkshakes? Make sure to try the Bourbon Malted mixed with Jim Beam and caramel. You'd think the shake would drown out the alcohol but it doesn't, the bourbon is there and packs quite a buzz. Side include those famous trio of duck fat fries (I can never get enough of those) and red onion rings - both $5. If you go during happy hour - 6p-8p everyday - you could walk away with a beer and burger for under $20 at one of the toniest dining rooms in the city, a pretty sweet deal.
The menu and prices are here.

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