Sunday @ The Grand Tasting Village

Thousands of food enthusiasts, football-field sized tents on the beach. Midriff-baring liquor ambassadors. Must be Sunday at the Tasting Village!

Longest lines: RA Sushi and The Forge.
RA was handing out the equivalent of a bento box with two pieces of nigiri, a few pieces of maki and seaweed salad. It was generous, but kind of unnecessary considering that people would be happy with a piece of maki and move on. Instead they created a massive clusterfuck that blocked their neighboring tables. And The Forge always has a meat-salivating crowd for their filet mignon sammies.
If you were smart enough to move to the next tent you'd see that Morton's (below) and Prime Blue Grille were doling out plenty of succulent steak and roast beef with virtually no wait.

Other great tastes included a white pear gazpacho from 660 at the Angler's hotel, Kobe Club's beef ravioli, Dewey LoSasso's decadent Plugra butter-drenched bread pudding, meatloaf and mashed potatoes from Smith and Jones and fresh fruit salad at the Whole Foods station.

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