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fashionably conscious
Fashionably Conscious

LET’S MAKE A DEAL: Your older sister’s Z. Cavaricci jeans. Your big brother’s Hypercolor tee —hand-me-downs can really be an outdated drag. If only your siblings were as en vogue as the socialites passing down their designer duds at this year’s Fashionably Conscious event. Miami’s local celebs and slaves-to-fashion have emptied out their closets for the mother of all apparel events. Shop upscale wears like Dolce & Gabanna and David Meister dresses, Chanel shoes and Christian Dior bags for a smidge of their original sale price at the clothing celebration’s VIP Preview. For just $25, you’ll get a chance to peruse the collection of opulent apparel priced anywhere from $1 to $500 while you dig into drinks courtesy of Peroni. Proceeds from the event benefit not only your own person style, but the Coconut Grove Cares’ The Barnyard Community Center as well. Mary Brickell Village, 901 S. Miami Ave., Ste. 147, Miami

EASY, TIGER: The ‘80s roared with tiny Le Tigre emblems leaping across the chests of shirts. But the ‘80s are over (even though this season you’d fashionably never know), and there’s a new cat covering shirts these days. Meet Moderna Tigre, the creation of a Floridian native with a thing for big kitties. The T-shirt line slaps tiger heads on some of pop culture’s most interesting phenomena and characters. From the Harajuku District’s funky feline to the Godfather’s puppeteer pussycat, these shirts have definitely earned their stripes. $19, Kindered Market  

KNOW WHEN TO HOLDEN: When life imitates art, you wind up with fashion labels named after "Catcher in the Rye" characters. Case in point: Caulfield Preparatory. The clothing line, inspired by the J.D. Salinger novel, has a story of its own that centers around a carefree spirit named Finnigan Nash Sinclair. Each collection explores an aspect of his life. And this fall, with the launch of the line, we experience Finn living out of his car as he travels from coast to coast. What, exactly, does that look like? It goes a little something like this with mix-matched patterns and a dose of preppy added in for good measure. The something-slightly-askew factor gives the line a more-fact-than-fiction feel we think will really catcher on. Lulu, 9700 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour; 305.868.1845

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