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Sonic Chicken 4, the Jacuzzi Boys and Teepee heat up Sweat Records

Thanks to Iggy Pop, Sweat Records has cooled off with a new a/c system. That’s why it’s not going to be torturous and damp tonight when Sonic Chicken 4, Jacuzzi Boys and Teepee heat up the place with dancing bodies.

Lately, In The Red Records has been representing in Miami with bands like Black Lips and Davila 666. This Los Angeles based record label has released music from many amazing groups with great garage appeal. Sure, you can see them just as throwback bands, but they really put on awesome live shows, pretty much all across the board.

Sonic Chicken 4 are a French psychedelic musical group whose sound is undeniably reminiscent of the 1960s. They more than meet the criteria to be considered an indy rock band. First, the occasional harmonizing is clearly influenced by the Beach Boys, there’s use of non-traditional instruments (ukelele), there’s a girl in the band and finally, they rock. There’ll be plenty of energy in the room, enough to make even the biggest bore bob his or her head. 

The show starts at 8 and goes a little past midnight. Cover is $5, and they’ll charge you, so bring cash. BYOB, it’s a record store, not a bar.

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