“Bad Girl” Starlet Lea Beaulieu: We Ran in Same Circles as “Jersey Shore” Cast

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EJ Camp/Oxygen

"Bad Girls Club Miami" starlet Lea Beaulieu, who was filming the series at the same time the "Jersey Shore" crew made their Miami debut, said she doesn't judge the booze-fueled antics of  the MTV media darlings.

"Now that I am on a TV show, I start to look at things differently," Beaulieu, 23, told Niteside. "I know how it is to be somewhere and people not want you there so I tried to let them do whatever they wanted and did my best not to judge them."

She added, “So far, they make Miami look pretty nuts—but hey, the city is already crazy.“

Beaulieu, the only Miamian starring on the current season of the “Bad Girls Club Miami,” had no trouble taking over the Magic City with her fellow housemates. But hers was not the only reality game in town.

“We ran into the 'Jersey Shore' kids one time at Oceans 10, and there were a couple of times that we wanted to go to Club Dream and they were trying to go the same night, but we didn’t hang out or have an altercations of anything," she said. "We definitely ran in the same circle because there is only a handful of places that let you film. We never exchanged words or anything.”

Now that taping is over, Beaulieu is set to go back to school at the Arts Institute after her whirlwind media tour, she said there is a very good chance she wont come home a changed women.

“There’s no explanation—I just am who I am, but it’s insane to have your life on television. In my normal life, I am not getting into fights everywhere I go out,” she explained to Niteside, “Maybe some of the ladies will grow up and mature--But no matter what, were all always going to be bad girls.”

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