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Catherina Ferreiro, Owner
Camillus Pharmacy

About Us

Camillus Pharmacy is a family owned business that provides the best service to our customers by servicing all of Miami-Dade with Free Delivery of both Prescription Medication and Medical Equipment. Camillus Pharmacy brings Personal Service and Attention directly to you, we will take care of your medication needs like calling your doctor and insurance, and even take care of transferring your medications without having to leave your home.   - Catherina Ferreiro, Owner

Our Mission

Camillus Pharmacy is committed to giving the best service and attention to our Customers. Making sure that we help them get better and stay healthy.

Pharmacist Corner - My Health Tip

Diabetes is very common and yet preventable, make sure to check your blood sugar consistently and to eat low in Carbohydrates and Sugar. Exercise everyday!

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10780 West Flagler Street
Ste 15
Miami, FL 33174
Phone: 305-221-3441
Fax: 305-221-3466

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