Carville: I'm All For Hillary as Next “Go Daddy Girl”

Longtime Clinton friend James Carville on Thursday jokingly said he would “be all for” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appearing in a risqué promotional advertising campaign in exchange for $1 million to pay off the bills left over from her unsuccessful presidential bid.

Carville, who recently attracted attention for offering to raffle off tickets to the American Idol season finale or a day with former President Bill Clinton in exchange for donations to retire Hillary Clinton’s debt, made the comments in a boisterous exchange during the taping of an online radio show sponsored by the Internet domain name registry and website-hosting firm Go Daddy.

“If Hillary Clinton would be a Go Daddy Girl … and do a cameo in one of our commercials, I'll give her a million bucks,” Go Daddy founder Bob Parsons proposed to Carville.

Carville chuckled and said, “Something tells me that they're probably not going to go for it. I think the lawyers in the State Department. You know, they like, they piss on every fire. You know what I mean?”

When Parsons persisted, telling Carville “I like the ring of Secretary of State and Go Daddy Girl, Hillary Clinton,” Carville said, “Look, I'd be all for it, but I wouldn't write the check just yet.”

The company, which is paying Carville to headline a Thursday night event for its political action committee, is known for its racy television ads, including a 2005 Super Bowl commercial parodying Janet Jackson's infamous 2004 "wardrobe malfunction" that was pulled from rebroadcast.

But decorum wouldn’t be the only thing preventing Clinton from agreeing to the publicity stunt, which Parsons called “a standing offer.”

Campaign finance laws cap at $2,300 contributions to retire Clinton’s debt, which stood at $2.3 million at the end of last month, according to a report filed Wednesday night with the Federal Election Commission.

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