Celeb Spotting in Miami

There were plenty of pairs on parade and a festival in Miami these past few weeks

DREW AND HER DUDE: Drew Barrymore and her beau, Mac guy Justin Long, were recently all over Miami. According to Scene in the Tropics, the couple stayed at the Delano and, on July 18, did the seventh-inning stretch at the Marlins/Yankees game. After the game, things got a little weird when the two headed to New Concept Video’s fundraiser benefiting the Humane Society at a private residence. We hear Barrymore put on quite a show, fueled by vodka cranberry cocktails. From her wacky outfit (a shark hat, sparkly makeup and tie-dyed leggings) to her yoga-inspired dancing, she and Long caught the attention of both Mac and PC users.     

SPARE THE ROD: On the same night Barrymore and Long were getting their party on, A-Rod and Kate Husdon were dancing until dawn. The couple who think they are keeping their relationship under wraps were spotted at Fontainebleau’s LIV. According to Page 2, A-Rod showed up in a chauffeured Maybach. Thirty minutes later Hudson followed suit. The two got down and dirty until after 2 a.m. Then, as the site points out, A-Rods driver was kind enough to move a child’s car seat to the trunk so the two could stretch out, we’re sure.   

WHAT A BOOB: She’s shared some practically x-rated PDA sessions poolside at her hotel and swapped bikini bottoms in the middle of broad daylight at the beach. So, what’s left for Playboy model Shauna Sand? Baring her breasts, of course. It was only a matter of time before she unleashed the enhancements, but that’s exactly what she did on Wednesday. It’s not like you can’t see them online if you just Google her name, we’re just shocked it took her this long to give the girls some much-needed vitamin D.

BLACK AND FABULOUS: After a two-year hiatus, The American Black Film Festival landed back in Miami, and along with it came names like Vivica Fox, Eriq La Salle, John Singleton and Robert Townsend, who shared his grief with local news stations about Michael Jackson’s untimely passing. He admitted to a film crew he spent Thursday night dancing to old Jackson hits and doing his own version of the moonwalk in his hotel room. When he offered a demo, it was clear he best stick with his day job, like his latest project, “Why We Laugh.” Trust us, it, unlike his dance moves, is something you don’t want to miss.

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