Iggy Pop Hearts Sweat

And maybe we can finally buy Sweat Records that air-conditioner

Everyone's been joking lately about how much sweating is happening at Sweat Records. This being a wicked hot summer and they having no air conditioning, the name has become appropriate in describing the state of affairs every time we go to buy a Michael Jackson record.

Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways and Iggy Pop comes to save the day and raise money for a small, local record shop. You read right, Sweat is releasing a limited edition t-shirt with the Pop's face on it and Iggy's even coming out to promote it. The proceeds go toward the cooling of musical lovers in town. Why Iggy? Well he's a local, you know, a musician and, clearly a really charitable guy.

The limited edition image is taken from CP1's (Claudio Picasso) mural outside, the "Wall of Idolatry." You've seen the faces from your car window to be certain. The party's taking place on Saturday in Wynwood at the Awarehouse, a classy looking place which has both indoor and outdoor performance spaces and bars. The cost of the event is $10 and there is an open bar. Yes, you can drink all you want, but after you're tipsy, you must remember that Iggy isn't your best friend.

There will be performances by Awesome New Republic and the Jacuzzi Boys and music by DJs Carmel Ophir, Danny Ashe and Phaxas. As far as eye candy, there will be live painting by Francesco Locastro and visuals by Chris Video and aquarium projections by Morphologic. The party starts at 8 and ends at midnight, with an after party at Back Door Bamby at the Vagabond.

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