Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco: Working with Vince Vaughn “Was Pretty Wild”

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco - who took the stage at Hollywood's Improv Comedy Club last night -- said you can expect about anything from his stand-up...except scripted punch lines, that is.

"It's kind of a social commentary on what's going on in today's society," Maniscalco told Niteside. "It's very observational, very relatable -- anything from dating to shopping to teaching my father the Internet. It's not really written out jokes, it's more experiences -- I'm just kind of living my life, and bringing it to the stage."

He added. "I just started watching The Bachelor a couple weeks ago to see what the big deal was…that will probably come up."

Maniscalco - who doubles as comedic style correspondent on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and debuted his first hour-long special, Sebastian Live, on Comedy Central last year - is already gearing up for another segment set to air this fall.

Until then, the Chicago native is knee-deep in his 25 city stand-up tour, including a four-day stint at Hollywood's Improv. And while he says the South Florida crowd is "always a good time," he admits nothing quite compares to teaming up with funnyman Vince Vaughn and other fellow comedians for the Wild West Comedy Show.

"Hanging out with a Vince Vaughn for 30 days on a bus -- yeah, that was pretty wild," he laughed. "I remember when Swingers came out, and I read an article about it in the Sun-Times about two guys making this movie on a low budget and no permits, and I thought that was cool.

"Who would have thought 10 years later I'd be starring in a movie with the guy? It's been a wild ride."

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