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Selma90, Flickr

BOBBING FOR APPLES: Grandma always said an apple a day kept the doctor away. And now The Spa at Equinox is ready to put that same theory to work on your skin with Lather’s new Swiss Apple Stem Cell Facial. Using the medicinal magic of apples, this treatment gives aging a reality check with a 50-minute treatment that transforms fine lines, keeps wrinkles at bay and protects skin from the elements. How does it work, exactly? Swiss apples, called Uttwiler Spätlauber in their native tongue, pack pretty powerful healing properties. Just like human skin, when punctured, these apples heal themselves with stem cells that revitalize tissue. The Spa applies the apple serum to skin giving you a freshly picked glow. GET IT: $145. The Spa at Equinox Aventura, Coral Gables and South Beach,


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