Let's Get Crafty

Bring your own needles to knitting night at The Standard

While most craft-connoisseurs may be asleep on a Monday at midnight, one Miami Beach group is just getting started. 

Clenching cocktails and promoted on Facebook, this stitch-addicted group is not your grandmother's knitting club.

The Stitchin' Boozin' Bitches, formed on the heels of the 578 Stitch 'n Bitch groups that exist all over the globe, meets weekly at The Standard in a mix between Martha Stewart and Miami hipster.

"You know, people say there is no reason to knit in Miami," knitwear designer and hostess Karelle Levy told the Miami Herald.  "This is great activity.  It's creative.  We get to socialize and be with people who enjoy doing the same thing."

Amid other not-so-domestic happenings at the hotel,  on a huge denim sectional in the Standard's lounge, the group gathers with their needles to knit and socialize.

"The appeal of a group like this is that you feel like you are part of a community," Marc Brudzinski, one of the "Bitches," told the Herald. "Maybe knitting is kind of weird, but not so weird when you are with a group of people with like minds." 

Oh, and if knitting isn't your thing, check out Sundays at The Standard for a mean game of Bingo...seriously.

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