Crystal Queen Nadja Swarovski On Secrets To Success: Get a Calendar!

As the heiress to a luxury company that has been in business for over five decades, Nadja Swarovski understand the secrets to her family's success -- and sometimes they involve a woman's urge to bling out down there (vajazzling, anyone?).

Yes, bedazzled apparel, crystal jewelry and even blinged-out female nether regions are all things that the Swarovski name is attached to. But the crystal's still the thing.

"We create a product that changes someone’s life," Swarovski recently told Niteside. "We have a very strong quality control policy -- no crystal leaves the factory with a scratch or bubble in it. We're proud of that.“

Swarovski, who was promoting the company's new book, “The Art of Light and Crystal” at The Webster in Miami Beach, isn’t your typical heiress. She once ditched the family business for college in Texas. And she's now credited for turning the company into a full-blown icy empire.

And while her last name certainly helped her along the way, she attributes her success to loving what she does.

“The secret to my achievements, though it might sound cheesy, is having a deep, deep passion for what I do," Swarovski said. "Going to work will never be a chore and, most importantly, it will be a personal fulfillment.”

And for any woman wondering if you can truly have it all, she says it can be done.

“Never compromise your femininity for a power job," says the 39-year-old mother of three. "Never sacrifice having children for work, because you will end up resenting the job and yourself. You can do both -- I am an example of that."

And she added with a smile, "Honestly, sometimes It’s just a matter of being organized. Be sure to have a calendar!“

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