Dr. Robert Rey Will Be Starring on NBC ‘s New Reality Show: Dr. Beverly Hills

Dr. Robert Rey, star of E!’s Dr. 90210,comes back to American television after a three-year hiatus. The new show ‘Dr. Beverly Hills’ will be airing on NBC early next year, and focus on the dynamic between Rey and a group of doctors. After hosting the “Miss Brasil USA” pageant, Dr. Rey gave Latin Beat the exclusive scoop on his current medical and TV projects, how he helped shape reality TV, and what we can expect from his new show on NBC. 
Tell us about your current projects and coming back to American TV after such long hiatus?
We are restarting our American show, going back on-air after a 3 year hiatus. The show will have a new name, Dr. Beverly Hills, and it will be airing on NBC. The contracts have been signed and we are going to be filming for about 3 months, doing around 13 episodes which it’s very typical for Hollywood.  We will probably come out for sweeps early next year. We just started filming early September alongside another group of doctors, and I’m looking forward to be back on American television, and working with NBC.
What will be the focus of the new show Dr. Beverly Hills?
We helped defined reality television. We were the 2nd reality TV in history, but the format of reality TV has changed. The way that we have gone to reality TV it’s the “Housewives” format, so the wives attack each other on the show constantly and there is a lot of tension. In our show there is a lot of competition among the doctors, but also a lot of hanging out together, and throwing wild parties.
What sets apart the dynamic between the doctors on “Dr. Beverly Hills” and “The Real Housewives”?
Doctors are a bizarre bunch. By the time you get to that level and there is a lot of academic competition, you can tell we are fierce competitors. So the show will be surgery but also entertainment. You lose the audience if there isn't an actual focus.  The wives show focuses more on the fights, but we have to get along for other purposes. In “Dr. Beverly Hills” there is a focus on the patients, but this time, there will be more drama than medical procedures. When we did heavy surgery on the show, people got a bit grossed out because not everybody likes the blood and all that, so there is a new element on the show. 
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