Ex Issues a Relationship Invoice

Man hands ex a bill of everything he'd paid for, she puts it on the web

Love is blind,  and it's also really expensive. Especially when you date a AAA-grade loser like Elizabeth (no relation) did .

According to her blog (which we found via bitterwallet.com) the Aussie kicked her boyfriend out after a year and a half, and when he returned to pick up his stuff, he handed her a bill for their relationship. Therein, itemized, was everything he had paid for while they were together, right down to the last cent. In total, he wanted to be reimbursed $7389.09 AUD (about $4770.40 US).

The itemized invoice includes "seasickness tablets" ($4.00), "etsy listings" ($3.17), "cat food" ($25.75), and "taxi/hot chocolate/entry at Antique fair" ($18 -- sounds like a fun date!). It also includes the money Prince Charming spent on both her Valentine's Day present ($114.07) and birthday dinner ($50.00). And they say chivalry is dead!

So how do you respond to such a classy move? In Elizabeth's case, you scan the document in question, get yourself a blog URL (http://therelationshipbill.blogspot.com), and post the thing to the Internet. We approve.

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