Facebook's 25 Things List Has Its Last Laugh — Sort Of

Somehow, somewhere, deep down, in the middle of the solar plexus, but maybe deeper, we all knew the famous, and then infamous, "25 Things List" that dominated Facebook a few months back would return, one day.

Like the swallows and the seasons, it was too powerful and eternal of a force to not return.

Even if you didn't participate in the monthlong-ish meme by compiling your own list of "25 Things," you probably delighted in/loathed reading the all-about-me rosters of your pals. Missing those halcyon days? 

In recent weeks we've seen the flipside of the "25 Things List" gaining traction on the ol' FB: the "How Well Do You Know *Your Name Here*?" quiz.

In other words, now our friends aren't offering us tidbits of their lives; they are asking us to report back to them on our knowledge of their personal tidbits.

Are we up to the challenge, America? So far, we're seeing scores of 40 to 50 percent coming back as friends take other friends' tests. "Hmm" might sum it up best. Just hmm.

Maybe the questions are too difficult? Too focused on minutia? We'd be surprised if even our nearest and dearest can even exactly pinpoint our hair color or height. So, a recommendation: make the questions less hard. And if you do create a challenging quiz, and your pals who take it score on the low side, it might be time to schedule a few more lunches together.

A positive side effect, perhaps. Facebook creating more face time.

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