Flo Rida Connects With Fans

Miami rapper gives out personal phone number

Rapper Flo Rida wants to rap with his fans -- and he's giving out his personal phone number so they can reach out and touch the Miami singer.

Rida made his number public on CNN (305-528-2786, in case you were wondering), inviting anyone to give him a ring. 

"It's my way to get close to fans," Rida told the Miami Herald. "Most times people hang up because they're scared. They can't believe it's really me. I pick up and they go, `What?' 'Oh my God!'"

The 29-year-old Carol City native has quickly gained a large following. The first single off his second album, called "Right Round," sold more than 600,000 downloads in the week after its Jan. 20 release, then shot to No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 pop chart.

His recent success has the artist hoping more fans will connect with him.

"These are my fans who support me," Rida said. "It's all good. Come holler at your boy."

Rida performs during this week's Super Saturday after the Marlins game.

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