Funny Guy Scot Lenter Talks About the Spotlight

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Detroit native Scot Lenter’s a funny guy who really craves the spotlight. Even at 7 years old, a rap song he wrote won him the opportunity to perform on the prestigious-for-kids Mickey Mouse Club. He continued to act professionally as a kid, sang in a punk band, and ended up in trouble with the law. A judge let him “elude” jail time to get out of town, so, the next obvious move was to become a comedian in Miami.
He’s now spewing jokes all around the South Florida area and is part of the Have-Nots Comedy Showcase alongside Dominic Perenzin, Jay Mays, Raul Salazar, Jessica Gross and Mike Mercadal. They create comedy with a purpose, and it’s the only comedy show in town where all the comics on the lineup get paid. Nice.
We asked the funny guy a few questions in anticipation of the Have-Nots show Thursday night at Villa 221. He explained why comedians are “funny” people, the best way to deal with hecklers and how he gets dates.
Do you think the reason people become comedians is because they're really sad, strange, desperate people who want other people to like them? 
I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of comedians and still have not met one that was able to relate to other human beings on a traditional level. Comedians are introverts, incapable of ordinary social interaction. It feels good when the "normies" come up to us after the show and talk to us because in real life they wouldn't. This is also how we get dates.
What does your dark side look like? 
I am a really bad seed. I only look one way when I cross the street. Sometimes, I feed my adult cats kitten food. I rarely recycle. Basically, I am the guy your mom warned you about.
Have you ever deeply regretted anything you've said onstage? 
Usually, I drink too much to remember what I said on stage but when I watch videos of myself, I generally regret everything I said.
What's your favorite clean joke to tell? 
I was chatting online with my girlfriend when all of the sudden she typed to me that she just got a phone call. Her sister was in an terrible accident and was rushed to the hospital. The only response I could think of was to type her back the little frowny face symbol.
How do you feel about hecklers?
The best way to deal with hecklers is to go on stage and get heckled every night. Eventually, you will have a response for every stupid comment they can think of.
What is the best thing about being onstage?
In all my years of experimentation, I’ve never received a high like you can get from a good stand-up set. I thrive on being the center of attention. That is why I couldn't be in a band anymore, three people sharing the spotlight is just too many for me. Plus, and ladies back me up on this one, being on stage makes me cuter and have a better personality.
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