Give Your Clothes a Little Breathing Room

Need a place for that designer gown? So many shoes you don’t know what to do? Extra closet space coming right up

Thank god your closet has doors on it, because what lies inside is a battle zone even Bush would have pulled out of. Thankfully, L’Armadio, the closet-space emporium, is here to bring peace to your wardrobe war. 

Self-described as a “world closet,” Miami-based L’Armadio treats your wardrobe better than you ever will by cleaning, cataloging, climate-controlling and caring for your clothes. Beats your buy-it-stick-it-on-a-hanger routine, right? All you have to do is commit to letting your clothes live in a virtual closet you’ll have access to 24 hours a day. The concept is a big hit with the celebrity set, and even designers use the service to store pieces hot off the runway.

In a recent interview with the Miami Herald, owner Angel Suarez says, ''It all started when some of our regular clients were unhappy that their couture garments were not handled properly when they were out of town. 'We would get calls from them requesting that we store the garments for them and ship them when required. One thing led to the other, and L'Armadio was born.''

L'Armadio, run by the same people who’ve owned Rey’s Cleaners for three generations, works like this: That Monique Lhuillier gown you almost went broke buying is so wedged into the back of your closet not even the jaws of life could get it out. Shame on you, is that any way to treat couture? Once you get your head on straight, you sign up at, they send a box, you pack up your garments and ship them over. Upon receipt, they clean your clothes, photograph them, categorize them and store them in your virtual closet.

When the time arrives for you to don your dress, you tell them where to ship or deliver (if you’re local) it, and voila, it’s yours. Once they get the item back, the three Cs (cleaning, cataloging, caring) start all over again. At $140 a month for up to 20 garments it sounds like a win-win for your clothes and gives you a chance to fill up that newly acquired closet space all over again. Let the shopping begin.


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