Glam Slam: Celebrity Shape-Up Secrets Week — Blame It On Rio

Brazil must be the sexiest country on the planet. After all, this is the place that gave us Gisele Bundchen, dental floss bikinis and um, Brazilian waxes. The latest Brazilian export is the Capoeira Workout.

Pronounced Cop-oh-ed-ah, it's an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts and dance. Capoeira is gaining popularity in Hollywood because it works out so many muscles, while delivering a great cardio workout. Think fast, non-stop movements, which tone and help with balance and stabilizing your core. Halle Berry, Adriana Lima and yes, Gisele Bundchen are fans and the proof is their amazing bodies!

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As we kick off our Celebrity Shape-Up Secrets Week, Los Angeles Personal Trainer Yasamina Kabisch gives us the 411 on Capoeira's main moves:


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WHAT IT DOES: Strengthens and tones legs and builds a rock hard butt.

HOW TO: This move is the basis of Capoeira. Start with knees slightly bent in a squat. Take your leg back into a lunge. Continue to alternate between squats and lunges. Do as many reps as you can. Switch sides.


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WHAT IT DOES: Works biceps, triceps and shoulders. "You definitely feel it in your back and your core," Yasamina says.

HOW TO: "It's our style of a pushup for Capoeira," says Yasamina. Get in a fetal position on your side. Use your arms to lift yourself slightly above the floor. Use your arms to thrust yourself out of that position and up into a squat. Hard!!!! Switch sides.


WHAT IT DOES: Sculpts abs and also works the back.

HOW TO: Stand with your knees slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart. Start with your right hand straight in the air above your head. Reach directly back like you're going to do a back bend and touch your calf. Then spring back forward to the starting position crunching the abs in the process. Switch arms.


WHAT IT DOES: Helps perfect your balance and makes you quicker and stealthy. "This is going to really work a lot of your body," Yasamina says. "It's an overall type of workout, because you need to learn control as you do this movement."

HOW TO: Similar to the cartwheel you did as a kid, but instead of your legs being fully extended, you bend your knees keeping them close to your body. Do as many as you can, working your way up in reps as you get more fit. Switch sides.

For more on the Capoeira Workout, tune in to Access Hollywood's Celebrity Shape-Up Secrets Special this weekend. Check your local listings.

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