How to Fold a Pocket Square

Banana Republic's Mad Men collection hits stores and online today, and among the leopard-print cardigans and slim-cut suits, there is one element that is truly the hallmark of the '60s look: the neatly-folded pocket square.

Here, Banana Republic's creative director, Simon Kneen, demonstrates how to get the Mad Men pocket square exactly right—from measuring the pocket to keeping the square itself quite long.

Additional Folding Tips from Kneen:

1. Don't skimp on fabric: Thicker cotton creates a fuller fold, which keeps the square in place a lot better. "The fatter the fold the better," says Kneen.

2. Silky fabrics are "trickier," according to Kneen, but not impossible. His advice: "I'll actually create more bulk by folding it up a couple of times in the pocket to keep the pressure, so it stays in place."

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